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Groups Adapt ’08 Tactics For Lobbying Efforts

line Groups Adapt ’08 Tactics For Lobbying Efforts

March 3, 2009

By Amy Harder



Thomas Keeley, FreedomWorks’ online marketing coordinator, echoed this thought. Obama “showed everyone that the online model is viable,” he said. “Other organizations, including ours, are analyzing that and pulling pieces out that would work for us. And we’re adding our own touches to that.”


With the midterms approaching and so many legislative battles likely in the near future, Keeley and Frenchman are bullish on online marketing, especially search engine listings. Keeley cited the quick turnaround available on the Web and the ability of groups to capitalize on timely news stories. Google also keeps track of every click — where users are located, how long they stay on the site and a whole host of other details — which gives groups valuable feedback almost immediately.

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