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Right Wing Groups Win Web Support through Healthcare Loss

line Right Wing Groups Win Web Support through Healthcare Loss Politics and Advocacy

March 22, 2010

By: Kate Kaye



“We always try to capture [contact information] wherever we can,” said Thomas Keeley, online strategist for Freedom Works, a 16-year-old organization dedicated to “less government, lower taxes, and more freedom.” Those who signed its No Reconciliation petition in recent weeks provided names, zip codes and e-mail addresses to the group, which is still running Web ads promoting the petition.

More than 300,000 online signatures were collected since the campaign launched earlier this month. E-mail list building “is always a huge upside of running things online,” said Keeley.

Focusing the bulk of its online ad buys on Google’s search and display network, Freedom Works spent “multiple times” more money on its No Reconciliation ad buys compared to earlier healthcare reform related ad campaigns, according to Keeley, who does all of the small organization’s online advertising.

“It was a significant increase from our day-to-day spend. However out of all of our campaigns, this had one of our lowest cost-per-conversion due to the intensity of the issue,” explained Keeley.

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